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Who We Are
Mitt Mehta
Mitt Mehta

An Options Strategist with over a decade experience in the art of trading, Mitt empowers investors with insights into the multitude of strategies to grow their wealth.

He has a strong passion to educate others in advancing their trading knowledge. His methodology dives into the sell side of Options as pioneered by Tom Sosnoff.

Leon Gaban

Leon Gaban

Crypto investor and market speculator, Leon helps others learn about investment ideas with asymmetrical risk to reward upside surfaced through the social arb methodology as pioneered by Chris Camillo.

He is also an advocate of a decentralized financial future, and proponent of the adoption of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Where We Are

Join the Profit Makers community on discord to learn the art of options trading.

What We Teach

  • Options trading strategies¬†& execution
  • Trade & risk management
  • Monthly income generation models
  • Hedging with premium selling methodology
  • And much more inside the community…

How We Teach

  • 2-way strategy building discussion video calls
  • Live trade examples & follow up
  • Weekly zoom meetups
  • Open discussions in Discord